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Contract law

Contracts and other matters related to contract law

What is contract law?

Every entrepreneur makes arrangements with personnel, supplier, customers and third parties. It is advisable to record those arrangements in agreements or contracts. That way you will inevitably come into contact with contract law, also referred to as law of obligations. In the Netherlands the principle applies that you are free to make agreements as you please, the so-called freedom of contract. But there are exceptions and rules:

  • An agreement may not violate morals, public order or the law.
  • You cannot conclude contracts when there is a defect of consent. That means that a contract is concluded under the influence of threat, deceit, error or misuse of circumstances.
  • The contract parties must have the capacity to perform legal acts.
  • In many cases certain formal requirements apply.

Expert support for entrepreneurs

In practice it often happens that an agreement has not been recorded or has not been properly recorded in writing. The result may be that the agreement is not legally valid. Or the agreement can be unclear, which may have the consequence that the arrangements you wished to make, are interpreted in an entirely different manner by a judge.

Many disputes are the result of substandard agreements. They are the main cause of many time-consuming and expensive procedures. Of course it is our pleasure to help you in case of a dispute or if things result in a procedure. But we would rather help you prevent problems by means of an expert advice in advance and by drawing up an agreement that prevents a dispute in the future.

Examples of agreements or contracts MARK Advocaten can help you with:

  • Employment agreements
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • License agreements
  • Contracts for services

Drawing up General Terms and Conditions

Almost every entrepreneur uses general terms and conditions. What many entrepreneurs do not know, is that the law prescribes strict requirements for the use of general conditions. Do you have any questions about general conditions? Or do you wish to have general conditions drawn up? In all these cases our lawyers and their expertise are there for you.

Meet our lawyers or make an appointment through the contact page.

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