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Baronielaan 28
4818 RA Breda
T +31 (0)76 533 54 35

Fees for legal advice and support

The fee per hour in your case depends on a number of factors such as: urgency, complexity, specialism, interest and nature of the matter. We always provide a specification in our bills.

Legal aid for private individuals

At MARK Advocaten some lawyers also provide legal assistance to individuals who are eligible for legal aid (Dutch: “toevoeging”), legal assistance financed by the government. If you have an income or capital below a certain limit, the government will pay the fee of the lawyer. You only need to pay a personal contribution. The amount of this personal contribution depends on the amount of your income. More information on this legal aid is available on the website of the Dutch Legal Aid Board (“Raad voor Rechtsbijstand”, “RvR”). MARK Advocaten works with the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand on the basis of a High Trust agreement so that applying for legal aid is less complicated.

High trust transparency, trust and understanding

Legal Aid Board (RvR). MARK Lawyers works with the Legal Aid Board on a High Trust basis, which makes applying for an addition easier.

high trust transparency trust and understanding

Mark Advocaten is a member of lawpact

LawPact is an international network of independent law firms. LawPact has members in almost all parts of the world. In the Netherlands MARK Advocaten is an affiliate member of LawPact. The law firms affiliated with LawPact mainly focus on corporate law. The member firms have 2 to 15 partners and not more than 50 employees. The objective of LawPact is on one hand exchanging knowledge and experience among the affiliated firms, and on the other hand providing legal services to client all over the world.

Every year LawPact organizes various conferences. During these conferences lawyers of the affiliated firms share best practices and participate in workshops. They focus on more than corporate law-related matters: there is a great deal of attention to new technologies, current developments in business and other topics that are relevant for the profession.

The personal meetings during conferences are a valuable resource for the development of relations between the affiliated law firms. As a result of this long-term relationships are developed, based on mutual trust. If MARK Advocaten refers a client to another LawPact-member, the client can be confident that the case is in good hands.

Point of contact at MARK Advocaten for LawPact is Christel van den Reek.

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