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Labour law

Legal assistence in case of labour disputes or other labour issues

What is Labour law?

Labour law regulates the relationship between the employer and the employee. An employee works for an employer in exchange for a consideration (wage). The employee performs work under the authority of the employer. The basis for that relationship is a contract: the employment agreement. Labour law covers various labour matters. For instance terms of employment, disability, matters concerning collective labour agreements, occupational accidents, employer and employee liability, non-competition clauses, reorganizations, labour disputes, suspension, (summary) dismissal and employee participation.

Expert advice and legal support

Labour law covers an extensive body of rules. These rules are regularly changed as a result of political decisions. In addition to that, labour law is developing constantly due to judgments of courts of law. At MARK Advocaten our knowledge of labour law is always up to date. Our lawyers support both large and medium-size companies, directors as well as employees. All these parties can come to us for any questions concerning labour law. From legal support in case of labour disputes to advice on labour relations in the broadest sense..

MARK Advocaten provides support for the following labour law issues:

  • Individual dismissal and collective redundancies
  • Reorganizations
  • Drafting, evaluation and termination of employment agreements
  • Drafting of employment regulations and employee handbooks
  • Disputes concerning disability
  • Issues concerning collective bargaining laws
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
  • Labour law-related consequences of transfer of an enterprise
  • Equal treatment
  • Employee participation
  • Social security law

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