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Lieke van den Eijnden



Labour law and employee participation law often have a major impact on the lives of people. That is why I call this the ‘human side’ of the law. In my practice I support both employers and directors as well as works councils and employees with advice and assistance, smoothly switching between the various parties.

Employee participation law is a special legal area. It touches both labour law and corporate law. For instance in matters concerning terms of employment or in case of issues during mergers and acquisitions. This variety and the ‘human’ side of things make these fields of law an attractive challenge for me. A challenge in which I – after more than 10 years of experience – know how to find my way. If you have a matter in the field of labour law or employee participation law, it will be my pleasure to support you. Depending on what you need I will give advice, act as a sparring partner or go to court with you.

If you engage me I will go all out for your case. As I represent may different parties I know how to approach cases from various angles, taking different interests into account. In addition to that I know what the opposite party in your case will bring to the table and how to prepare for that. I feel that it is important for us to build a positive connection, which enables us to work on a case together, as a team. I like to share my knowledge and use recently developed insighst for your case. I also do so as a Labour law lecturer during various specialist courses.

Specialist programs

  • TMA Labour law, Tilburg and Maastricht universities

Netherlands Bar Registration

Lieke van den Eijnden has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s Register of Legal Areas:

On the basis of this registration the lawyer is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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