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Diederik Snelder



Labour law and tenancy law are always about people. The employer and the employee. Landlord and tenant. They may have conflicting interests, which may even result in a dispute. A thorough preparation will go a long way to resolving such a situation. A follow-up, dealing with the problem in a strategic and effective way, often brings a swift success. That is why I prefer to tackle matters in their early stages. That enables me to work out a positive outcome most of the time, preventing the need to go to court. But if it comes to that I will litigate the case to the end. My objective is to always produce the best solution.

In case of problems concerning labour law, a sparring partner with up to date knowledge of labour law is an essential asset: labour law is constantly developing. I like to be that sparring partner, for both employers and employees. Whether in case of legal assistance during a reorganization, an individual dismissal case, a discussion about a non-competition clause, the collective labour agreement or working conditions: I am ready to support you with advice and action in any matter.

Both landlords and tenants can rely on me for advice and legal assistance in the field of living and business accommodation. You can engage me during the initial stage of a rental agreement, for drafting and evaluation of the agreement. And I can also provide legal assistance during the rental agreement. For instance in case of disputes concerning maintenance, rent arrears, defects and nuisance. Or in the event of legal proceedings for termination of a rental agreement.

Besides providing legal assistance in my main focus areas, labour law and tenancy law, I also support entrepreneurs as well as private individuals in the field of commercial law, contract law and social security law.

Specialist program

Postgraduate Labour law program, Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Netherlands Bar Registration

Diederik Snelder has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s Register of Legal Areas:

On the basis of this registration the lawyer is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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