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Marcella de Maaré



People hope to stay together forever, but sometimes things just don’t work out that way. Even the best relationship may eventually end in a divorce. An emotional time, during which your entire life seems to be turned upside down all at once. Especially if you have children together, but also if for instance a business may be at stake. And at the same time it is necessary to organize a lot of things. I will support you in this difficult time towards a lasting solution, so that you can get on with your life.

In many cases mediation is an excellent way to settle the consequences of a divorce. As a mediator I will consult with you both to make arrangements which you can both support. For instance about the costs of childcare. Or I will give advice on a parenting plan.

If mediation is not an option I will support you with determining appropriate mutual arrangements that are necessary in case of a divorce. Your interests and the things that keep you busy are the first priority to me. In my specialist field of law it is an advantage to be able to really listen and empathize with a person in a certain situation. But if necessary I will also tell it like it is. I will spare no effort for you, without making empty promises. That’s who I am. Clients tell me that I am energetic and honest. Also if things eventually end up in court.

In 2006 I started out as a lawyer, specialized in law of persons and family law. I have supported married and unmarried couples, with and without children, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. Parents who had to deal with youth care agencies or the Child Care and Protection Board. People who needed assistance years after a divorce because the situation had changed. But I am also there for you if you need a second opinion.

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Secondary positions

  • Member and also regional coordinator of the Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators, vFAS. This is an association of lawyers who have specialized in law of persons and family law. As a regional coordinator I am the first contact and I organize lectures and other activities in the field of family law for members.

Specialist programs

  • Legal specialist program and the mediation program of the Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators, vFAS

Netherlands Bar Registration

Marcella de Maaré has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s Register of Legal Areas:

On the basis of this registration the lawyer is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by

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