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Jan van Gool



Legal rules of the game create order in our lives. One could say that they protect and help us. Still, we all know the feeling that we are running up against a wall of rules, sometimes. In that case we do not feel that we are getting help, but instead, that we are burdened with a problem. But each problem often has a solution, too. As a lawyer practising corporate law, labour law and reorganisations I will show you the way offered by the legal rules of play, and help you find that solution.

For entrepreneurs I like to be a strategic sparring partner. For instance in matters in the field of labour law, such as dismissals, reorganisations, severance pay or employment contracts. Or in matters concerning corporate law, such as contracts, take-overs, restructuring processes and disputes between companies, partners or shareholders. And also in case of issues in the field of insolvency law, such as liability, company restructuring and relaunches I will support you with advice and assistance.

Are you a private individual and do you face a labour dispute, summary dismissal or is your wage not paid? Engage me for a quick and practical solution to your problem. I like a pragmatic and practical approach, for both entrepreneurs and private individuals. My strategy is always intended to use the rules of the game in your favour instead of against you. I prefer to prevent procedures in court: nobody is looking forward to that most of the time. But if necessary I’ll go all in to get the best result from a legal fight.

Specialist programs

  • Grotius Company Law and Corporate law
  • Magna Charta Contract Law course
  • TMA Labour law course, Tilburg and Maastricht universities

Jan van Gool has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s Register of Legal Areas:

On the basis of this registration the lawyer is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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