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Intellectual property law


What is intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law protects (the maker of) creations from wrongful acts committed by others. For instance unauthorized reproduction or use of music, design, text, photos, logos, models, inventions, trademarks, domain names and trade names. Intellectual property law prevents others from copying or using your intellectual property without your permission.

Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property law is often a forgotten friend. Entrepreneurs sometimes do not sufficiently realize that the protection of one’s intellectual property is crucial for the enterprise. You simply would not want a competitor to run off with your idea, trademark, product of trade name. MARK Advocaten helps you prevent just that and helps you protect your ideas. You can call us in to draw up and evaluate license agreements, franchise agreements or non-disclosure agreements. In addition to that, we can also assist you with filing and registration of brands and models, both nationally and internationally.

Infringements of intellectual property

Should anyone infringe your intellectual property rights, it is important to act fast in order to prevent damage as much as possible. In that case, too, we can support you and if necessary, take matters to a court of law. And of course we can also advise and assist you if you are accused of infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property: areas of law at MARK Advocaten

  • Copyright
  • Domain names
  • Franchise
  • Trade name law
  • Protection of know-how
  • Trademark law
  • Design right
  • Related rights
  • Licenses

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