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Corporate law

Contracts, disputes and other matters in corporate law

Corporate law, insolvency law and collection

What is corporate law?

Corporate law covers all areas of law that are relevant for enterprises during the daily operation of their business. Corporate law covers company law, contract law, insolvency law and debt collection.

Advice and support in matters related to corporate law

MARK Advocaten provides advice and support in all matters covered by corporate law. For instance:

  • Setting up a company
  • Choosing the appropriate legal form (private or public company, partnership, sole proprietor)
  • Recording agreements with business partners in shareholder
  • agreements, partnership agreements or cooperation agreements
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale or termination of an enterprise
  • Disputes with or among directors
  • Disputes with other companies
  • Matters concerning director liability

Legal assistance concerning insolvency law

Doing business includes taking risks. And risks may lead to problems with liquidity or solvability. If you do not take action quickly in such a case, the result could be bankruptcy. MARK Advocaten supports enterprises and their directors and board members when financial problems that threaten the continuity of the enterprise arise of may arise. We can map the possibilities and can help you with a creditor arrangement and, if desired, will also prepare a relaunch or pre-pack. If necessary, we can also call in financial experts from our network.

Besides entrepreneurs, other relevant parties, such as creditors and stakeholders, can call us in if an enterprise finds itself in difficulty.

Advice and support for debt collection

Every entrepreneur experiences that invoices are not always paid in time. Sometimes even a reminder does not help. If invoices are not paid that may have serious consequences, because you need to pay invoices, too. We can provide advice on how to set up your own collection policy. And if payment remains forthcoming, we can collect the claim on your behalf, if necessary, by levying an attachment. We always claim from debtors that they pay costs of collection and interest. That way we try to limit any damage and costs for you as much as possible.

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