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MARK Advocaten

Baronielaan 28
4818 RA Breda
T 076 533 54 35

van den Reek

corporate law, intellectual property law

van Gool

labour law and corporate law


Law of persons and family law

van den Eijnden

Labour and employee
participation law


Law of persons and family law


Labour law and tenancy law

Wim Vos

Tenancy law/Neighbour law


Personal injury and liability law

Marcella de Maaré

Law of persons and family law

van Loo

Tenancy law, Contract law, Corporate law

Clearly MARK Advocaten

At MARK Advocaten you will get what you ask for but you will also get what you need. An appropriate solution and high-quality legal work, of course. But to us those are simply obvious minimum requirements for services we provide. We know that we will help you even better with clear answers, without unnecessary legalese. So that everybody understands what’s it all about. That way we will help our clients achieve their goals even better. So that is our method. A personal and professional approach, without formal language or grandstanding: clearly MARK Advocaten.

Besides highly motivated providers of legal services we are also just people. For us there is more in life than work alone. That is why our social engagement encourages us to regularly contribute to good causes. We consider sportsmanship a key value, both in our professional and private lives. And of course, as true ‘Brabanders’, we enjoy the good things in life better than anybody. That is why you will certainly see us during various social, sporting and culinary experiences in the region.

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